Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hello!! Sorry for not taking my turns - life has been a wee bit crazy! Okay, a lot crazy. And now we are off to Montreal tomorrow, then Dave's birthday (30!), then Tiffany's wedding, then packing and cleaning and moving!! Then two weeks of unpacking the house and packing for California, and then I'm gone for the summer! Whew... And then it starts all over again in September. Please tell me that, at times, your life is like this, too. Anyone??

But let's keep this going. Does anyone want to make a little calendar and assign us each a day? And I say we all invite all our friends... that way we are responsible for coming up with fewer challenges and we get to connect with our friends' friends, etc. It will be fun!! I'm going to post our blog on my blog and see who wants to sign up. Another thought: whoever does the calendar could even pick themes if they wanted. Like one cycle through would be spring cleaning, or scripture or church-related, or nutrition/physical activity, or educational... you get the idea.

What do you think?

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