Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Challenge

A Saturday Challenge I don't know about you but Saturdays days are busy. For me today we started some demolition under our stairs. We are going to put in pullout pantry storage and my house is full of drywall dust. All I can thin is how long will the mess last. This is all to help us use our limited storage space more efficiently for food storage. I have been planning and working on my 3 month supply of food. Ever since the article in the Ensign on food storage I been trying to be more faithful in having food storage. I am jealous of all of you with basements. Any ways I have yet to sit down and finish made meal plans and inventory of my pantry so I can really tell how I am doing with my food supply. So after all that my Saturday Challenge is to Find some small way you can make your self more prepared. Something like meal plans or even read the Ensign article it was helpful and made everything doable.

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