Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Missionary Mail!

Hey Everyone. So my challenge today is mostly for myself, but also for all those missionaries in the field that LOVE getting mail! I know, I was one of them, and seriously a piece of mail, even from someone you don't know, is like gold in the mission field. It makes your day so much better to know that someone at home is thinking of you. I have a little brother in Thailand right now and I have not been that faithful at writing him. Which is horrible! You'd think a return missionary would be better! But life always gets in the way of these little goals we have, which is why this blog is fantastic.

So my challenge is to write to a missionary today. Any missionary. You probably have one in your family, if not find one in your ward to write to. I know that in my home ward they post the missionaries addresses on the back of the bulletin. Or if you don't have anyone to write to, you can write my little brother Scott! His e-mail address is I am sure he would be thrilled to get some extra mail!

I hope this challenge will help me improve in this area, and I hope it will help you too!

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  1. you are so right on with this challenge I am terrible about writing my brother thanks