Monday, April 20, 2009

Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts

Okay, the challenge holiday is over! Elysse's birthday party kind of took over for a few days, but I'm back.

Anyway, how do you all feel about going in this order:


And if you happen to miss your day, oh well!! We all know life gets busy. And if you don't do a challenge, do it later! Just do whatever works for you. The idea for this blog just came as a way to share our talents and desires to be better.

Also, in the spirit of sharing, please invite anyone you think might be interested to contribute to this blog, and we'll just add their name to the list. It's neat to see what everyone comes up with for their challenges, and I don't think it matters if we all know each other or not. We are all working towards the same goals and though many of our struggles are different, we are all the same in that we all struggle!

Please also continue to put other posts up whenever you feel like it - anything you feel like sharing. I am already thinking of a wall I can put Sarah's bulletin board on. I love it!

And here is a challenge for today (from yesterday's gospel doctrine class):

At the end of yesterday's class, our teacher challenged us to ask ourselves if we knew what gift(s) we have been blessed with, if we use these gifts, if we are grateful for these gifts, and if we pray for other gifts.

So I challenge you to study D & C 46:11-33 and ask yourself those same four questions.

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