Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Get happy!

I was having a hard time choosing what challenge I wanted to put up today, but I made a decision! (Success!) I'm choosing this for a few reasons... 1) It still doesn't feel like spring here, though I think it's coming. Because it's still freezing outside, those of us up here need to make some fun inside. And 2) At the Women's Conference on Saturday, Wendy Gibb did a session called Healthy Mental Attitude and she handed out little flowers that said "Create more happiness." (The theme of the conference was Elder Uchtdorf's talk on creating, and if you haven't watched this short video, go watch it!) Anyway, that got me thinking about how we need to be active in creating our own happiness and not just waiting around for life's circumstances to create it for us. That being said, different things make different people happy, but this is what makes me happy. Do one or do all three, do it by yourself or do it with your family, but do it!

  1. SING



Okay, it's a little cliche, but do it anyway! Hint: If you have little people in your home, do it with them. I guarantee it will make them happy and you happier!! So go make some happiness!

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  1. W did this last night for FHE we tuned on some fun music and danced and sang it was pretty fun to see how much fun the kids had it was great.