Thursday, April 23, 2009


Oh snap. I totally forgot it was my turn. If you read my blog you will understand why I might have forgotten about this.
So tomorrow you can do my challenge.
Drink water!
Water is so good for you and sometimes seems so hard to get as many glasses of water as we should per day.
Drinking water from a straw will help you to drink more if you have a problem drinking enough. When you drink from a cup you also swallow a lot of air so you feel full and can't drink as much.
Drinking through a straw eliminates this.
Drinking water helps with my overall skin condition, I notice especially in my scalp. I have a really dry scalp when I don't drink enough water.
So enjoy a nice glass of cold water, and don't wait till you feel parched to get a drink because you need water before you feel like you do. (I hope that makes sense).
It's late and I'm just blabbering so I'm done for now.


  1. this is a great reminder. I find since I had kids it is harder to remember to drink enough.I find that I often feel hungry when I am actually thirsty. I am getting a drink right now.

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  3. Ok let's try that again! I for got I was logged into my google account for work! I agree, drinking from a straw makes you drink more! I recently bought an insulated cup from starbucks that came with a straw. I've been drinking way more than usual. Thanks Christy!